Known Issues

Blank Preview If List Name contains the ‘/’ Character

If the list name contains a ‘/’ character e.g. “Christmas / Work 2017” the result is a blank preview and therefore no address labels.

Workaround: ¬†replace ‘/’ with a different character e.g. ‘-‘.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.

App Crash When Tapping All Contacts After iOS 11.0 Update

After the iOS 11.00 update, it has been found that the app crashes when the user taps All Contacts, when trying to add new names, from Contacts. It looks like this only applies to cases where the Contacts are NOT arranged in Groups. This is being looked at now. In the mean-time, this workaround might work.

The workaround involve adding a Group to your Contacts. There are probably several ways to do this – this is one that should work whether you use a mac or Windows.

  1. Log on to  using your Apple ID.
  2. Click on Contacts.
  3. addGroupClick on the ‘+’ at the bottom and select New Group
  4. Give the new Group any name you want. The Group is being created just to get around this myCardLists problem, but you could actually create a “real” group at this stage if you want. For example, some people actually create a Christmas List Group and add names from their Contacts to it. This makes it easy to import into myCardLists later.
  5. Assuming you have your Contacts syncing to iCloud (if not, you would have to change the settings to do so), go to the Contacts app on your device. You should see a Groups button at the top left. Tapping that should show your new group, even if it is empty.
  6. Return to myCardLists and try to add a name from Contacts. You should now see a choice of selecting All Contacts or the new group.
  7. Select All Contacts (unless you actually have added the desired names to the new group). Hopefully you can now add the new names.