Welcome to myCardLists

myCardLists is a universal app (runs on both iPhones and iPad) used for managing card or mailing lists e.g. Christmas card lists and printing address labels. It has the following useful features.screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-16-58-30

  • Create numerous card or mailing lists.
  • Print Names and Addresses to Label sheets e.g. Avery – What a time saver!
  • Include icons or even photos on labels
  • Add names manually or select from your Contacts.
  • Backup and Restore via a Dropbox account – even to a different device.
  • Change Label font and Color.
  • Print Return Address Labels.
  • Print Custom Labels
  • Easily make a record of cards written, mailed and received.
  • Mark cards as hand-delivered or eCards.
  • List view shows number of stamps still required.
  • Add extra useful information to a name e.g. names of Children.
  • Create an alias for a card for mailing e.g. Robinson family.